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Patient testimonials
It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…

Professionals in their work, the surgery went well and I was able to go on with my life within just a few weeks. Recommended!

I am deeply grateful to Dr. Chase for his expertise and care. He practices both the science and the art of cardiac surgery.

I felt like 102 before, now I feel like 52, thanks to Dr. Chase and his team. Their expertise is second to none!

They gave me much more than health – they gave me my life back. One that I can still enjoy with my family and grandchildren.

Inspiring Stories
and client testimonials

Dr. Sujay Shad is one of the best surgeon and life saver of my father when My father came in a very critical condition from other hospital with no hope. He did aorta cardiac surgery so well that now he is fine and recovering speedily.
The doctor and his team is very polite and helpful and they took good care of my father.
Thank you Dr. Sujay Shad and ur whole team….

Gaurav Garg

Dr sujay shad is one of the best cardiac surgeon l had ever seen with his noble personality who treats his patients with utmost care and respect. The whole team including anaesthetists, icu ward sisters took great care of me during surgery period. Dr. Sujay sir successfully done my aortic value replacement surgery. And l strongly recommend Dr. Sujay shad and Sir gangaram hospital.

Seshi Reddy Dasi

We r thankful of u dr Shaad .. u r really appreciable… As u had taken a tough case in Ur hand on February when no one doctors has helped us. They denied saying if c is in AIIMS then must be in better care … It was my mom who were struggling at AIIMS and we were having no hope for her life but u comfort us providing us exact information and solution as well. Now c iz k but still in recovery mode. But we r comfortable as she is in care of u.

Khushbu Sharma

My Father & my uncle both had severe cardiac surgery respectively by Dr. Shad . Before meeting him , I been to all the Big Names of Health Industry but only he was the one on whom we had trust & all I can say is that if my fatjer is alive & healthy today its just because of Dr. Shad . Hardly u find doctor who is so passionate to see u healthy

Naveen Parasramani


I have recently visited SIR GANGA RAM HOSPITAL for my father’s By Pass Surgery . Before I had been there, I was suggested by my friend whose father also had been treated last year for the same.Then only I felt a invisible bond without meeting you and my decision has proven it best that can not be described with words…I would like to thank God who gave me chance to meet you in a role of itself. My father is recovering well and I am fully satisfied with the treatment and behaviour let it be professional or personal which I got there. I believe God is always there to help out us in any form…. IT HAS BEEN TRULY SAID-“BEAUTY ATTRACTS MIND BUT NICE BEHAVIOUR ATTRACTS HEART” the same is done. May God bless you always with everything 🙏🙏🙏❣️❣️

Bharat Chahar


Dr. Saheb is a supernatural person. Your personality reflects the generosity of courage and wisdom. You are beyond pride but full of self-respect and self-confidence. Your personality includes qualities of a good doctor as well as many human qualities. It seems as if in your first meeting, it is as if you are already aware that meeting you makes the patient confident to cure the disease, of course your work and behavior is incomparable.

Ease; Simplicity; Sensitivity; Tolerance; and there is a clear glimpse of scholarship. You are equal to God if not God
Your greetings and greetings

Anoop singh


Dr Sujay Shad, undoubtedly one of the best cardiac surgeons in the country is a very noble person who treats his patients with utmost care and devotion.Recently I was admitted to Sir Ganga ram hospital where I was diagnosed with Heart and septicemia condition , in which all the vital organs are affected and chances of survival are negligent. Fortunately Dr Shad took up my case and the passion and devotion with which he monitored the treatment was amazing.I am yet to come across a doctor/surgeon who has such a level of commitment to his patient.

Thanks to him ,I not only survived but recovered completely and now living a normal life. God bless him.

Suresh Sachdev


I have been operated bypass by dr shad in august 16. After only 25 days i have recovered after operate very fast..dr shad gave me so much confidence and also good consult and also suggest onlyminimum drugs. Im playing badminton in park daily nd doing my work with fully strength. Im very much happy nd fearless after operation.in my view dr shad just like god. I want to give him so much thanks. God bless him . Thnks sir ji saab ji. My name is dinesh sharma tringr delhi

Dinesh Sharma


. I recently underwent a valve replacement surgery plus a bypass under Dr. Sujay Shad at Ganga Ram hospital. Before my surgery, after meeting him, I took no second opinion because he made me feel safe about the surgery. He is a super surgeon, and a guardian under whom you can place your life and feel secure. He is a VIP plus a DIP meaning Dependable, intelligent and pleasant Surgeon. Thank you Dr. Shad for everything.

Nutan Mehta


Dr Sujay shad is friendly and very good behavior totally perfect doctor

Satpal Singh

My father underwent cabg (bypass surgery) recently from Dr Shad. With this healing hands, my father is recovering well. The whole team including the anaesthetists, icu and ward sisters are amazing and took great care of my father

Dr Vivek Mangla


He is the best doctor and moreover he is very good person ,calm and carries a positive attitude
Towards patient and attendent.

Sudhir Kumar


My surgery was done by Dr. Sujay Shad in 2016 and till date I am doing well & fine.He is a great surgeon & I thank him for curing me.

Kamleshwar Prasad


Dr suajy shad is a great doctor and had a good experience with him. Completely satisfied with the treatment and heart bypass surgery done by him

Amit Gupta


Highly recommended. Most experienced. No other can be trusted except him when it comes to cardiac surgery.

Dr. Jyotsna Verma

Copyright by Dr. Sujay Shad 2020-2022. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Dr. Sujay Shad 2020-2022. All rights reserved.