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Top Heart Surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Sujay Shad | Cardiologist in Delhi

Heart Surgery Specialist in Delhi

Dr Sujay Shad is Professor and Senior Consultant of Heart Surgery and Director of Heart Transplants, at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital which is the best heart hospital in Delhi, India. He is also the Co-Chairman of his department. He performs life-saving operations on some of the most high-risk patients in his field which makes him known as the best heart surgery doctor in India. He is also the first cardiac surgeon to successfully perform Heart Transplants in a private hospital in North India.

Some of the major surgical procedures undertaken by the renowned heart surgery doctor in Delhi, Dr. Shad, are Heart Transplants, Coronary Bypasses, HOCM, Aortic Surgery, and Mitral Valve repairs and replacements, to name just a few. He also specializes in the comprehensive management of Heart Failure patients.
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Delhi Medical Association

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Why Should You Choose Dr. Sujay Shad ?

Heart Doctor in Delhi

Consult with Dr. Sujay Shad, a heart doctor in Delhi, who treats people suffering from heart diseases or heart-related issues at an affordable cost.

Choosing Dr. Sujay Shad would be the best decision for a patient who is looking for a heart surgery specialist in Delhi as he holds:

  • Decades of experience as a heart surgery specialist in Delhi

Dr. Sujay Shad is a renowned, trustworthy Professor and Senior Consultant of Heart Surgery. He is a Director of Heart Transplants and the Co-Chairman of the Cardiology Department at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital which is one of the top-rated heart hospital in Delhi, India. He is a top-notch Heart Surgery Specialist in Delhi who has performed hundreds of life-saving operations on high-risk heart patients.

  • Expertise in heart surgeries

Dr. Sujay Shad, Heart Doctor in Delhi, is well-known for providing expert opinion and advanced comprehensive care to heart patients. He specialises in holistic care and management of heart failure patients. His expertise encompasses both diagnosis and therapeutic interventions applicable to cardiovascular medicine. He offers expert assessment, investigation, and treatment for a wide range of heart problems like angina, syncope, and heart failure in adults.

  • Best Surgical Outcomes

Dr. Sujay Shad’s cardiac surgical spectrum majorly involves coronary bypass surgery, HOCM, heart transplants, aortic surgery, surgery for cardiac failure, mitral valve repairs and replacements, and surgery for aneurysm. So far, he holds thousands of the finest heart surgeries, including minimally invasive cardiac surgeries, under his belt.

  • The high-end diagnostic and treatment options

Dr. Sujay Shad, Heart Doctor in Delhi, efficiently addresses heart problems with the help of the latest devices, technologies, and treatment options. These include leadless pacemakers, His bundle pacing, catheter-based ablation procedures, and lead extraction procedures. He is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to aid in the accurate diagnosis of heart and painful medical conditions ranging from very common to very rare.

  • Compassionate, Personalised care

Dr. Sujay Shad, Best Heart Specialist in Delhi, provides quality healthcare to people seeking treatments for their cardiac ailments and disorders. He serves each of his patients as if they are the only one at the moment and fulfils all their medical needs.

  • Follow-up care

Dr. Sujay Shad, Top Heart Surgeon in Delhi, India, will not leave his patients after operating them. He is always available for them to answer their questions or medically help them in any way possible.

Heart Attack Symptoms- Shared By the Top Heart Surgeon in Delhi

Following are the heart attack symptoms shared by Dr. Sujay Shad, the top heart surgeon in Delhi :

  • Chest Pain– A pain that may feel like pressure, tightness, squeezing or aching.
  • Insomnia– Individuals with insomnia (sleep disorder) are at risk of a heart attack.
  • FatigueOngoing tiredness (affecting daily routine) can be a sign of an impending heart attack
  • Shortness of Breath– Breath shortness with or without chest pain is a sign of silent heart attack. 
  • Stomach Discomfort– A person may have stomach pain in addition to chest, jaw, and neck pain. 
  • Sense of Impending Down– A sense of doom (sinking feeling) is a very first symptom of heart attack. 
  • Dizziness– It may be a signal of a heart attack if you become unstable, or your eyesight fades.
  • Cold Sweat– Cold sweat, which occurs without warning, can signal a heart attack.

Heart Attack Symptoms- Shared By the Top Heart Surgeon in Delhi, India. To Know more, consult Dr. Sujay Shad.

We keep your heart beating!

Heart Transplant Doctor in Delhi

Coronary Bypass Surgery
Coronary bypass surgery is a popularly performed surgery that is also known as bypass surgery. It is the most common bypass surgery performed in the body.

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Aortic surgery

Aortic Surgery
Surgery of Aorta and its diseases: Aortic Aneurysm and Aortic dissection Aorta Aorta is the largest blood vessel in the body, it starts from the heart itself, and its

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Septal Myectomy In Delhi | HOCM Surgery In India | Cardiologist/ Heart surgeon in Delhi

Septal Myectomy for HOCM
HOCM represents: Hypertrophic = Large size; Obstructive = narrowing causing obstruction; Cardiomyopathy = Affliction of the heart. HOCM is an affliction

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    Case Studies

    Caring and Curing

    Dr. Yalwa is a young lady doctor from Nigeria. She first attended a specialist hospital 2 years ago for the treatment of a small tumour in the right atrium of her heart.  That was a simple enough operation,she recovered well and although the treating hospital and surgeon realised

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    heart surgery

    A narrative has killed many

    I worry when good people with readily treatable ailments make bad decisions and end up losing health and lives, their families lose members, breadwinners and carers.  Some of the recent losses have affected me personally and forced me to write this blog.

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    Good food for a healthy heart

    Although you might know that eating certain foods can increase your heart disease risk, it’s often tough to change your eating habits. Whether you have years of unhealthy eating under your  belt or you simply want to fine-tune your diet here are eight heart-healthy

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    Is Heart surgery risky?

    Decades ago in 1953, simple heart operations often times led to about 66% deaths. Research was mounted in a big way across the western hemisphere, and monumental advances were made in cardiac surgery over the decades as a direct result. This led to a steep decline in death rates and better post-operative practices. By 1995, the death rates for cardiac

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    Can you live a normal life after heart surgery?

    Yes, many people live normal lives after heart surgery. Recovery time varies, but most can resume regular activities with proper care and rehabilitation. Following your Heart Doctor’s advice is essential for the best outcome.

    How do I choose a heart doctor?

    Choose a heart doctor by considering their credentials, experience, and patient reviews. Consult your primary care physician for recommendations and ensure they specialize in cardiology.

    Who is the famous heart doctor in Delhi?

    Dr. Sujay Shad is a renowned heart doctor in Delhi. He is a leading Heart Surgery Specialist in Delhi at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital with vast experience.

    Who is the best heart surgeon?

    A good heart surgeon must have a wide experience and in-depth understanding of the normal heart, the diseased heart, and various ways and means to get a diseased heart back to normality. Every surgeon dedicates himself or herself to getting the heart and the patient better. Biological systems like the human body unfortunately do not always follow a straight line to recovery, and sometimes we face major challenges with certain patients. Complications develop and need to be recognized efficiently and treated effectively, while keeping the family informed of the developments. These are some of the key attributes of the top heart surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Sujay Shad.

    A good surgeon is a melting pot of knowledge, skills, awareness of limits and grit in the face of challenges. While what we do is complicated, we build teams to ensure good outcomes and efficient communication. Dr. Sujay Shad, the renowned heart doctor in Delhi, says that honestly, there can’t be a best heart surgeon; we are all on a perennial quest to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction.

    Which hospital is best for heart?

    A good heart hospital would necessarily have all facilities to conduct safe investigations, medical treatments, surgery, recovery, intensive care. One can only expect good or excellent results with excellent human resources (including doctors, nurses, technicians and non-technical staff) and a culture of dedication. We often require inputs from intensive care specialists, gastroenterologists and GI surgeons, nephrologists and neurologists, physiotherapists and wound specialists in the care of a heart patient. In brief, it is a team that begets good results and it’s very difficult to identify the best hospital or the best surgeon.

    News Updates

    May 3, 2022by drsujayshad

    IN JANUARY, AFTER Indian cricket star Sourav Ganguly suffered a heart attack and had to undergo a procedure to remove blockage in coronary arteries, two runners in their late 40s


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    Inspiring Stories!
    It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…

    Dr. Sujay Shad is one of the best surgeon and life saver of my father when My father came in a very critical condition from other hospital with no hope. He did aorta cardiac surgery so well that now he is fine and recovering speedily.
    The doctor and his team is very polite and helpful and they took good care of my father.Thank you

    Gourav Garg

    Dr Sujay shad is one of the best cardiac surgeon l had ever seen with his noble personality who treats his patients with utmost care and respect. The whole team including anaesthetists, icu ward sisters took great care of me during surgery period. Dr. Sujay sir successfully done my aortic value replacement surgery. And l strongly

    Seshi Reddy Dasi

    We r thankful of u Dr. Shad .. u r really appreciable… As u had taken a tough case in Ur hand on February when no one doctors has helped us. They denied saying if c is in AIIMS then must be in better care … It was my mom who were struggling at AIIMS and we were having no hope for her life but u comfort us providing us exact information

    Khushbu Sharma

    My Father & my uncle both had severe cardiac surgery respectively by Dr. Shad . Before meeting him , I been to all the Big Names of Health Industry but only he was the one on whom we had trust & all I can say is that if my fatjer is alive & healthy today its just because of Dr. Shad . Hardly u find doctor who is so passionate to see u healthy

    Naveen Parasramani

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      Disclaimer: Dr. Sujay Shad is one of the best Heart Surgery Specialists in Delhi having performed a vast number of heart surgeries. The information on this website has been curated by him only for educational purposes. All the information including pictures & videos is subject to copyright and shall not be used without a written permission from Dr. Sujay Shad. There is information related to most commonly performed heart surgeries, however, one should not rely on it without actually consulting a top heart surgeon in Delhi (India). Heart diseases require proper investigation by the best heart specialists in India to find the right surgery/ treatment options. Also, one must ensure getting treatment only from an experienced Heart Doctor in Delhi to avoid any unwanted risks associated with the surgical procedures as heart surgeries can be complex. Those looking for a Heart Specialist in Delhi or a Heart Surgery Doctor in Delhi, India can book an appointment with Dr. Sujay Shad.

      Copyright by Dr. Sujay Shad 2020-2022. All rights reserved.

      Copyright by Dr. Sujay Shad 2020-2022. All rights reserved.